Nurturing Touch

Touch has always been a central element of my healing work. In fact, my focus on the power of touch was what led me to Reiki.

What do you do when you bump your shin? What do you do when a child falls down? You touch the hurt to make it better, right? We all have natural healing instincts and capabilities.

Touch is a human need. We can live without taste or smell or sight or hearing. Humans do not live long without the sense of touch. Infants fail to thrive without nurturing touch.

young hand holding hand of elder with nurturing touch

But as adults, we tend to lose that physical connection unless we are fortunate enough to have a physically affectionate partner or children.

I decided to begin offering what I have dubbed Nurturing Touch sessions as a response to seeing so many expressions of our touch deprived society. I especially enjoy doing these sessions with older individuals, many of whom are only touched out of necessity.

Nurturing Touch uses very light touch to provide connection and nourishment on a spiritual level, rather than focus on the manipulation of tissues. These sessions are not massage and are not sexual in nature.

Sessions may be conducted fully clothed, or the client may undress to the extent he or she is comfortable in order to increase the amount of skin-to-skin contact possible.