Reiki Retreat at Sea

Well ladies and gents, the Universe has spoken. The cruise will have to be postponed. I need to regroup, come up with a new plan, and expand my team. Stay tuned for an even better Reiki Retreat at Sea!

Enjoy community and unlock your healing potential on the Brilliance of the Seas on a Reiki Cruise with Royal Caribbean and Circle of Light Unlimited!

Do you want to learn Reiki? Do you want a chance to relax and recharge your spiritual batteries on a serene vacation? This inclusive cruise allows you to enjoy both as you embark on a journey of awakening with seekers and healers who share your interests.

Image of the Majesty of the Seas ship, the ship we'll be having our Reiki Cruise on

While on board, you’ll have the opportunity to learn energy healing by taking all three levels of Usui Reiki classes.  You’ll get 13 hours of classroom training (CEs available for massage therapists), hands-on practice sessions, a 50+ page instruction manual, and three attunements.

Return to Florida a Reiki Master!

Image of woman doing Reiki on a man on a massage table

If you already practice Reiki or just want to come along with friends and family, we welcome you too! Separate pricing is available. Everyone with our group has the option of participating in morning and evening circles where you’ll participate in energywork, meditation, intuitive readings, and connect with one another.

Image of people sitting in a circle

Experience the Majesty of the Caribbean

All tickets include an excursion in Cozumel, Mexico in which we will hold a water ceremony on the beach and take a tour of Mayan ruins, including the Temple of Ix-Chel, Mayan Goddess of the moon, the sea, crops, and fertility.

Image of people looking at Mayan ruins

In George Town on Grand Cayman Island, spend the day on your own with an excursion, shopping, or a trip to the beach.

Of course you’ll experience all the luxury and excitement Royal Caribbean offers on every cruise: 24-hour dining, live entertainment, fun activities, a water park, world-class service, and more!

You are worth it!

You may be thinking to yourself, “this sounds great, but can I afford it? This isn’t the right time.” The truth is that there will always be reasons not to spend the money or take the time. We don’t grow and heal by staying in the same routine with the same problems. We have to be willing to invest in ourselves in order to leave behind our pain and embrace our dreams. Joining with others in their quest for growth and self-knowledge will connect you to the community you’ve been longing for. Take charge of your life and join us in this life-changing adventure.


All healers, lightworkers, energyworkers, new age practitioners, psychics, intuitives, and spiritually minded individuals in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, Port Charlotte, New Port Richey, Lakeland, Orlando, The Villages, other parts of Florida and beyond are invited to join us!