Moksha Magick Classes

Moksha Magick is a system of sacred sexuality and sex magick, created by the Temple of Divine Ecstasy. It can be performed on your own, with a couple/intimate partner or in a sacred group, . It is conducted in an honoring and loving manner, with utmost care and concern placed on the comfort and safety of everyone involved. Moksha can be used to increase the bond between partners, create a greater connection with theDivine, explore sexuality as a sacred gift. Also as a tool for magick and intention in achieving healing, prosperity, security, and other goals.

Level I – June 9th from 11 am to 6 pm in Bradenton, FL. A light lunch will be served and an in-depth manual is included. This class is open to anyone over 18 who comes with an open mind and genuine respect for all those participating, regardless of sexual orientation or relationship status. The Level I class covers the history of Moksha Magick (as well as a brief history of sacred sexuality), the definition of magick, and some energywork basics. Then we will explore the tenets specific to Moksha Magick (the most important one being the safety and comfort of all participants) and how the central ritual is performed. Initiation and participation in the Moksha Magick ritual are optional components of the class. Pre-registration is REQUIRED

Level II –  June 10th from 11 am to 6 pm  (Participants must have completed Level I) It’s for those who like to host and/or organize gatherings for practicing Moksha Magick. Level II practitioners can also teach level I classes..)  A light lunch will be served and an in-depth manual is included. Pre-registration is REQUIRED


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